Core Services and Key Processes

In August 2013, the MOMH Draft Service Framework was released and sets out core services and key processes that will be funded by MCYS. Seven core services along with two key processes were confirmed within a continuum of needs-based mental health services and support. The Draft Service Framework was recently updated by MCYS as the“Program Guidelines and Requirements # 01: Core Services and Key Processes” effective July 2015.

To view the MCYS Program Guidelines and Requirements click here

Core Services

1.  Brief Services
2.  Targeted Prevention
3.  Counselling and Therapy Services
4.  Family/Caregiver Capacity Building & Support
5.  Specialized Consultation & Assessments
6.  Crisis Support Services
7.  Intensive Treatment Services

Key Processes

1.  Access Intake
2.  Service Coordination/Case Management

Continuum of Needs

The continuum of needs is a tool that was developed as part of A Shared Responsibility – Ontario’s Framework for Child and Youth Mental Health to help categorize the level of mental health needs and services to address mental health problems in individual children and youth based on their severity.